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Affordable Audio Mixing & Mastering Services

Audio mixing is the process of taking all the individual tracks you’ve recorded and processing them into the final version of your song. This is done using  EQ, Compression, and Sacred Methods passed on through generations of audio engineers.

We won’t use the word “ninja” – but it’s pretty much exactly the same.

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Editing: So Smooth You'll Forget It Ever Happened

Let’s face it, sour notes, early drum hits, or squeaky guitar slides happen. You’re in luck!

We use a full suite of industry standard tools editing audio. While it’s important to capture the sound you want during recording, mistakes happen.

We offer complete audio editing services including:

Mixing: Letting Others Hear The Music In Your Head

Since the moment your song took shape, you’ve been hearing the final version in your head. Vocals, guitars, drums, keys and strings blending together perfectly.

There’s just one problem – getting that balance takes years of experience and a lot of money.

Well no longer! Stonewave Audio was created to give artists access to Nashville quality music production on a local musician budget.

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Mastering: Whipped Cream & Chocolate For Audio

Mastering audio is the final step which makes sure your music sounds its best everywhere it gets played.

The purpose of mastering audio is not to change the overall sound of your song. It’s the exact opposite.

Think of of the mastering process as the final car wash before a new car is driven in to the showroom. The car itself is mechanically sound, painted and ready for show, but that last bit of polish is what really makes it stand out.